Role Of Machine Learning and artificial intelligence in cybersecurity

Shared thoughts on Role Of Machine Learning and artificial intelligence in cybersecurity. In an event organised by Dynamic CISO. Joined by learned colleagues Bithal Bhardwaj, Dilip Panjwani and Sridhar Govardhan.

Artificial intelligence is interested in finding solutions to complex problems like humans do. Machine learning is a domain within artificial intelligence. Machine learning utilises mathematics or statistics to extract information from variety of data. Resulting into machine learning trying to guess the unknown.

There are several applications of AI to solve something that requires an expert's intervention. AI can be used to detect cyber attacks. There are plenty of academic researches about detecting cyber attacks using artificial intelligence. The various algorithms that are used can be grouped under: Supervised learning the computer is given parameters or examples to compare data inputs against. Unsupervised learning the computer is fed data and finds the relationships between the data on its own.

In field of cybersecurity there is always a zero day and victim zero. This is where application of unsupervised learning draws inferences from datasets without labels. It is best used if you want to find patterns but don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

Organisations face challenges while upkeeping with cybersecurity workforce. Training, retaining and keeping employees motivated in cybersecurity has been a challenge. Usage of AI & ML sounds like the perfect way forward for finding the needle in haystack in the world of cybersecurity

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