Is Detection a Myth? An Effective Approach to Threat Hunting

Presentation in the Fraud and Breach Prevention summit by ISMG

Anuj Tewari

Presented in the Fraud and Breach Prevention summit by ISMG

A majority of security professionals believe that incident response is more difficult than it was a couple of years ago. The idea of early detection through threat feeds is becoming a myth. Resources and security controls deployed for early detection are turning out to be futile when it comes to dealing with today's emerging threats.

This session discussed an effective approach to threat hunting, which includes response to advanced attacks. Threat hunting as a new line of defense, and is the latest innovation for security operation centers when it comes to combating advanced security threats. In addition to detailing effective threat-hunting approaches, this session looked into: Marrying threat hunting and incident response; and Actionable takeaways about how human intelligence can be used to proactively identify and mitigate threats more readily and reliably.

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